Run an Experiment on DLTS

NNI supports running an experiment on DLTS, called dlts mode. Before starting to use NNI dlts mode, you should have an account to access DLTS dashboard.

Setup Environment

Step 1. Choose a cluster from DLTS dashboard, ask administrator for the cluster dashboard URL.

Choose Cluster

Step 2. Prepare a NNI config YAML like the following:

# Set this field to "dlts"
trainingServicePlatform: dlts
authorName: your_name
experimentName: auto_mnist
trialConcurrency: 2
maxExecDuration: 3h
maxTrialNum: 100
searchSpacePath: search_space.json
useAnnotation: false
  builtinTunerName: TPE
    optimize_mode: maximize
  command: python3
  codeDir: .
  gpuNum: 1
  image: msranni/nni
# Configuration to access DLTS
  dashboard: # Ask administrator for the cluster dashboard URL

Remember to fill the cluster dashboard URL to the last line.

Step 3. Open your working directory of the cluster, paste the NNI config as well as related code to a directory.

Copy Config

Step 4. Submit a NNI manager job to the specified cluster.

Submit Job

Step 5. Go to Endpoints tab of the newly created job, click the Port 40000 link to check trial’s information.

View NNI WebUI