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tmp folder fulled

nnictl will use tmp folder as a temporary folder to copy files under codeDir when executing experimentation creation. When met errors like below, try to clean up tmp folder first.

OSError: [Errno 28] No space left on device

Cannot get trials’ metrics in OpenPAI mode

In OpenPAI training mode, we start a rest server which listens on 51189 port in NNI Manager to receive metrcis reported from trials running in OpenPAI cluster. If you didn’t see any metrics from WebUI in OpenPAI mode, check your machine where NNI manager runs on to make sure 51189 port is turned on in the firewall rule.

Segmentation Fault (core dumped) when installing

make: *** [install-XXX] Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Please try the following solutions in turn:

  • Update or reinstall you current python’s pip like python3 -m pip install -U pip

  • Install NNI with --no-cache-dir flag like python3 -m pip install nni --no-cache-dir

Job management error: getIPV4Address() failed because os.networkInterfaces().eth0 is undefined.

Your machine don’t have eth0 device, please set nniManagerIp in your config file manually.

Exceed the MaxDuration but didn’t stop

When the duration of experiment reaches the maximum duration, nniManager will not create new trials, but the existing trials will continue unless user manually stop the experiment.

Could not stop an experiment using nnictl stop

If you upgrade your NNI or you delete some config files of NNI when there is an experiment running, this kind of issue may happen because the loss of config file. You could use ps -ef | grep node to find the PID of your experiment, and use kill -9 {pid} to kill it manually.

Could not get default metric in webUI of virtual machines

Config the network mode to bridge mode or other mode that could make virtual machine’s host accessible from external machine, and make sure the port of virtual machine is not forbidden by firewall.

Restful server start failed

Probably it’s a problem with your network config. Here is a checklist.

  • You might need to link with localhost. Add a line localhost to /etc/hosts.

  • It’s also possible that you have set some proxy config. Check your environment for variables like HTTP_PROXY or HTTPS_PROXY and unset if they are set.

NNI on Windows problems

Please refer to NNI on Windows

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Please inquiry the problem in https://github.com/Microsoft/nni/issues to see whether there are other people already reported the problem, create a new one if there are no existing issues been created.