nni.nas.strategy.bruteforce 源代码

# Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.
# Licensed under the MIT license.

from __future__ import annotations

__all__ = ['GridSearch', 'Random']

import logging
import warnings
from typing import Iterator, Any

from numpy.random import RandomState

from nni.mutable import Sample
from nni.nas.space import ExecutableModelSpace

from .base import Strategy
from .utils import DeduplicationHelper, RetrySamplingHelper

_logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[文档] class GridSearch(Strategy): """ Traverse the search space and try all the possible combinations one by one. Parameters ---------- shuffle Shuffle the order in a candidate list, so that they are tried in a random order. Currently, the implementation is a pseudo-random shuffle, which only shuffles the order of every 100 candidates. seed Random seed. """ _shuffle_buffer_size: int = 100 _granularity_patience: int = 3 # stop increasing granularity after this many times of no new sample found def __init__(self, *, shuffle: bool = True, seed: int | None = None, dedup: bool = True): super().__init__() self.shuffle = shuffle # Internal only: # Do not try the same configuration twice. # Turning it off might result in duplications when the space has an infinite size, # or the strategy tries to resume from a checkpoint, # but might improve memory efficiency in extreme cases. self._dedup = DeduplicationHelper() if dedup else None self._granularity = 1 self._granularity_processed: int | None = None self._no_sample_found_counter = 0 self._random_state = RandomState(seed) def extra_repr(self) -> str: return f'shuffle={self.shuffle}, dedup={self._dedup is not None}' def _grid_generator(self, model_space: ExecutableModelSpace) -> Iterator[ExecutableModelSpace]: if self._no_sample_found_counter >= self._granularity_patience: _logger.info('Patience already run out (%d > %d). Nothing to search.', self._no_sample_found_counter, self._granularity_patience) return finite = self._space_validation(model_space) while True: new_sample_found = False for model in model_space.grid(granularity=self._granularity): if self._dedup is not None and not self._dedup.dedup(model.sample): continue new_sample_found = True yield model if not new_sample_found: self._no_sample_found_counter += 1 _logger.info('No new sample found when granularity is %d. Current patience: %d.', self._granularity, self._no_sample_found_counter) if self._no_sample_found_counter >= self._granularity_patience: _logger.info('No new sample found for %d times. Stop increasing granularity.', self._granularity_patience) break else: self._no_sample_found_counter = 0 if finite: _logger.info('Space is finite. Grid generation is complete.') break self._granularity += 1 _logger.info('Space is infinite. Increasing granularity to %d.', self._granularity) def _run(self) -> None: generator = self._grid_generator(self.model_space) if self.shuffle: # Shuffle the order of every `_shuffle_buffer_size` candidates. shuffle_buffer = [] generator_running = True # Already generated does not mean already submitted. # We need to keep track of the granularity actually processed, # to avoid skipping granularities when resuming. self._granularity_processed = self._granularity while generator_running: should_submit = False try: next_model = next(generator) shuffle_buffer.append(next_model) if len(shuffle_buffer) == self._shuffle_buffer_size: should_submit = True except StopIteration: # Submit the final models. should_submit = True generator_running = False if should_submit: # Submit models and clear the shuffle buffer. self._random_state.shuffle(shuffle_buffer) for model in shuffle_buffer: if not self.wait_for_resource(): _logger.info('Budget exhausted, but search space is not exhausted.') return self.engine.submit_models(model) shuffle_buffer = [] # Update granularity processed. self._granularity_processed = self._granularity else: # Keep this in a separate branch because it's very simple. for model in generator: if not self.wait_for_resource(): _logger.info('Budget exhausted, but search space is not exhausted.') return self.engine.submit_models(model) def _space_validation(self, model_space: ExecutableModelSpace) -> bool: """Check whether the space is supported by grid search. Return true if the space is finite, false if it's not. Raise error if it's not supported. """ for mutable in model_space.simplify().values(): # This method will raise error if grid is not implemented. if len(list(mutable.grid(granularity=1))) != len(list(mutable.grid(granularity=1 + self._granularity_patience))): return False return True def load_state_dict(self, state_dict: dict) -> None: self._granularity = state_dict['granularity'] self._no_sample_found_counter = state_dict['no_sample_found_counter'] self._random_state.set_state(state_dict['random_state']) _logger.info('Grid search will resume from granularity %d.', self._granularity) if self._dedup is not None: self._dedup.load_state_dict(state_dict) else: _logger.info('Grid search would possibly yield duplicate samples since dedup is turned off.') def state_dict(self) -> dict: result: dict[str, Any] = {'random_state': self._random_state.get_state()} if self._granularity_processed is None: result.update(granularity=self._granularity, no_sample_found_counter=self._no_sample_found_counter) else: result.update(granularity=self._granularity_processed, no_sample_found_counter=0) if self._dedup is not None: result.update(self._dedup.state_dict()) return result
[文档] class Random(Strategy): """ Random search on the search space. Parameters ---------- dedup Do not try the same configuration twice. seed Random seed. """ _duplicate_retry = 500 def __init__(self, *, dedup: bool = True, seed: int | None = None, **kwargs): super().__init__() if 'variational' in kwargs or 'model_filter' in kwargs: warnings.warn('Variational and model filter are no longer supported in random search and will be removed in future releases.', DeprecationWarning) self._dedup_helper = DeduplicationHelper(raise_on_dup=True) if dedup else None self._retry_helper = RetrySamplingHelper(self._duplicate_retry) self._random_state = RandomState(seed) def extra_repr(self) -> str: return f'dedup={self._dedup_helper is not None}'
[文档] def random(self, model_space: ExecutableModelSpace) -> ExecutableModelSpace: """Generate a random model from the space.""" sample: Sample = {} model = model_space.random(random_state=self._random_state, memo=sample) if self._dedup_helper is not None: self._dedup_helper.dedup(sample) return model
def _run(self) -> None: while True: # Random search needs retry to: # 1. Generate new when dedup is on. # 2. Retry when the sample is invalid. model = self._retry_helper.retry(self.random, self.model_space) if model is None: _logger.info('Random generation has run out of patience. There is nothing to search. Exiting.') return if not self.wait_for_resource(): break self.engine.submit_models(model) def load_state_dict(self, state_dict: dict) -> None: self._random_state.set_state(state_dict['random_state']) if self._dedup_helper is not None: self._dedup_helper.load_state_dict(state_dict) def state_dict(self) -> dict: dedup_state = self._dedup_helper.state_dict() if self._dedup_helper is not None else {} return { 'random_state': self._random_state.get_state(), **dedup_state }