nni.nas.space.frozen 源代码

# Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.
# Licensed under the MIT license.

__all__ = ['current_model', 'model_context']

import copy
from typing import Optional
from nni.mutable import frozen_context, Sample

[文档] def current_model() -> Optional[Sample]: """Get the current model sample in :func:`model_context`. The sample is supposed to be the same as :attr:`nni.nas.space.ExecutableModelSpace.sample`. This method is only valid when called inside :func:`model_context`. By default, only the execution of :class:`~nni.nas.space.SimplifiedModelSpace` will set the context, so that :func:`current_model` is meaningful within the re-instantiation of the model. Returns ------- Model sample (i.e., architecture dict) before freezing, produced by strategy. If not called inside :func:`model_context`, returns None. """ cur = frozen_context.current() if cur is None or not cur.get('__arch__'): # frozen_context exists but it's not set by arch. return None cur = copy.copy(cur) cur.pop('__arch__') return cur
[文档] def model_context(sample: Sample) -> frozen_context: """Get a context stack of the current model sample (i.e., architecture dict). This should be used together with :func:`current_model`. :func:`model_context` is read-only, and should not be used to modify the architecture dict. """ return frozen_context({**sample, '__arch__': True})