nni.nas.evaluator.functional 源代码

# Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.
# Licensed under the MIT license.

from __future__ import annotations

from typing import ClassVar

from nni.common.serializer import SerializableObject
from .evaluator import MutableEvaluator

[文档] class FunctionalEvaluator(MutableEvaluator): """ Functional evaluator that directly takes a function and thus should be general. See :class:`~nni.nas.evaluator.Evaluator` for instructions on how to write this function. Attributes ---------- function The full name of the function. arguments Keyword arguments for the function other than model. """ # The functional evaluator has already been equipped with "trace" functionality. # It shouldn't be traced again when wrapped with `nni.trace`. _traced: ClassVar[bool] = True def __init__(self, function, **kwargs): self.function = function self.arguments = kwargs def extra_repr(self): return f"{self.function!r}, arguments={self.arguments!r})" # NOTE: FunctionalEvaluator implements the traceable interface by itself, # so that it doesn't need the `nni.trace` decorator. # But I guess it works with the decorator as well. @property def trace_symbol(self): return self.__class__ @property def trace_args(self): return [] @property def trace_kwargs(self): return { 'function': self.function, **self.arguments } def trace_copy(self): return SerializableObject(self.__class__, [], self.trace_kwargs) def evaluate(self, model): return self.function(model, **self.arguments)