nni.mutable.exception 源代码

# Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.
# Licensed under the MIT license.

from __future__ import annotations

__all__ = ['ConstraintViolation', 'SampleValidationError', 'SampleMissingError']

from typing import overload

[文档] class SampleValidationError(ValueError): """Exception raised when a sample is invalid.""" def __init__(self, msg: str, paths: list[str] | None = None): super().__init__(msg) self.msg = msg self.paths: list[str] = paths or [] def __str__(self) -> str: if self.paths: return self.msg + ' (path:' + ' -> '.join(map(str, self.paths)) + ')' else: return self.msg
[文档] class SampleMissingError(SampleValidationError): """Raised when a required sample with a particular label is missing.""" @overload def __init__(self, label_or_msg: str, keys: list[str]) -> None: ... @overload def __init__(self, label_or_msg: str) -> None: ... def __init__(self, label_or_msg: str, keys: list[str] | None = None) -> None: if keys is None: super().__init__(label_or_msg) else: super().__init__(f'Label {label_or_msg} is missing from sample. Existing keys are: {keys}')
[文档] class ConstraintViolation(SampleValidationError): """Exception raised when constraint is violated."""