Naive Evolution Tuner

Naive Evolution comes from Large-Scale Evolution of Image Classifiers. It randomly initializes a population based on the search space. For each generation, it chooses better ones and does some mutation (e.g., changes a hyperparameter, adds/removes one layer, etc.) on them to get the next generation. Naive Evolution requires many trials to works but it’s very simple and it’s easily expanded with new features.


classArgs Requirements

  • optimize_mode (maximize or minimize, optional, default = maximize) - If ‘maximize’, the tuner will try to maximize metrics. If ‘minimize’, the tuner will try to minimize metrics.

  • population_size (int value (should > 0), optional, default = 20) - the initial size of the population (trial num) in the evolution tuner. It’s suggested that population_size be much larger than concurrency so users can get the most out of the algorithm (and at least concurrency, or the tuner will fail on its first generation of parameters).

Example Configuration

# config.yml
  name: Evolution
    optimize_mode: maximize
    population_size: 100