Batch Tuner

Batch tuner allows users to simply provide several configurations (i.e., choices of hyper-parameters) for their trial code. After finishing all the configurations, the experiment is done. Batch tuner only supports the type choice in the search space spec.

Suggested scenario: If the configurations you want to try have been decided, you can list them in the SearchSpace file (using choice) and run them using the batch tuner.


Example Configuration

# config.yml
  name: BatchTuner

Note that the search space for BatchTuner should look like:

        "_type" : "choice",
        "_value" : [{"optimizer": "Adam", "learning_rate": 0.00001},
                    {"optimizer": "Adam", "learning_rate": 0.0001},
                    {"optimizer": "Adam", "learning_rate": 0.001},
                    {"optimizer": "SGD", "learning_rate": 0.01},
                    {"optimizer": "SGD", "learning_rate": 0.005},
                    {"optimizer": "SGD", "learning_rate": 0.0002}]

The search space file should include the high-level key combine_params. The type of params in the search space must be choice and the values must include all the combined params values.